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Seahawks vs. the Rams…a few days late

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Ingrid and I covered the Seahawks’ last regular season game Sunday. In all honesty, I wanted them to lose, but they won, so we’ll be at another game Saturday. Let’s be clear. I like football. I like watching football. I like watching football while drinking beer. I like watching football while drinking beer on a day off of work. I am ready for this season to be over and my schedule to get back to something close to normal for a little while.
A typical game day for us is long, tough on the body (let’s keep in mind I’m not a world-class athlete…I’m just trying to cover them) and more stressful than most other days at work.

I usually try and get to the stadium 2-3 hours ahead of the game. Get my workstation set up in the bowels of the stadium, start a gallery and create a blog post that I will populate with images over the next several hours. Then I go feature hunting.
I try to find a photo or two to start the gallery with before the game starts so I can publish it — and the blog post associated with it — before the action starts. Then I return to the photo workroom and eat lunch as I publish the stuff I just made.
I set the gallery up ahead of the game because I don’t want to waste time publishing stuff during the game.
If I’m the only shooter at the game for my newspaper I shoot the first quarter and then try and file some photos for the gallery and website. If the Seahawks are threatening to score I’ll push into the second quarter a few minutes, but not too long. Halftime is short and I like to have eight to 10 images online by the time I head back out for the third quarter, so, no second quarter for me.
If something really big happens while I’m inside filing, them we always have our good friends at The Associated Press to lean on.
I’ll shoot the second half entirely without leaving the field. Then I’ll try and add three or four photos right after the game and before I shoot video (sometimes I get help with the video part so I can keep editing my stills!) at the post game interviews.
Then, after the stills are sent to the office and the copy desk, reporters and I have decided what photos are needed for the print edition, I go upstairs to the press box to do a video interview with our beat writer (Eric D. Williams).
I’ll drive home and spend the next two to three hours editing the post game video which includes my stills, the post game coach and QB interviews and the stand-up interview with Eric into a package that I post as soon as I can on another blog post.
Man, I wish they had lost.

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January 6, 2011 at 6:29 am

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