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So we bought the house and disappeared!!

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So we bought the house and disappeared!!


My dad called tonight and reminded me that we haven’t posted any photos from the house in a while. To be honest, it just slipped my mind. We have been sharing photos with friends on facebook because they go straight from our phones to the web site, but we haven’t taken the time to add any here. Sorry about that.
Here’s what we haven’t told you about yet.
Ingrid’s brother Hans came by a few weeks ago and helped us take out the wall that separates the living/dining room from the kitchen. We added a big beam and the wall is now a bar. We took out the half-wall the stove was on and opened up the kitchen. Hans built us new cabinets and an island for the kitchen. We had the plumbing and electrical completely revamped and then we had to learn how to do sheet rock. It turns out we had to patch up holes in about every room and then of course we had to paint.
The end is in sight now. Hans was back last weekend and is now almost finished with the structural part of the kitchen remodel. Counter tops are on and the bar-top is attached.
Ingrid and I have been cleaning for a day or two now and hope to be dust-free enough to paint the trim this weekend. Then the electricians and plumbers are coming back to finish installing all the fixtures. Then we can finish painting the kitchen, hang some bead-board and do paint touch up in a week or two. We think we should be able to move in 2-3 weeks.

In other news, Ingrid started her new job at The Northwest Guardian this week. We are both pretty excited about it. Ingrid ended her fellowship with the EPA and the internship with King County early so she could take the job. Looks like she will graduate pretty much on time even though she will have to take classes at night and online.

Enjoy the photos, and hope you are all well.



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September 3, 2009 at 1:26 am

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