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New Life, New Camera

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I’m living a new life.

Gone are the days of calling photo editors pining after assignments that never materialize. Gone is the feeling of failure as a person and photographer. And after two challenging years, gone is the hurt from the layoffs.

I’m no longer just a photojournalist. I’m now a student, public servant, and social media fiend. Two days into my EPA fellowship and I feel this new life breathed into my lungs. The mood around the office is happy. No one’s lurching behind their desk waiting for the axe to fall. They have goals, purpose, and an incredible team spirit. I feel like I belong.

I’ve been wanting to make pictures like I used to before I ever became a professional. Images fueled not by deadlines, but by my desire to see things differently. I’ve not had access to my trusty Nikon for hobby work for the better part of three months now. I could experiment with film again – or, I could get a BlackBerry. I chose the latter – and have been putting the little 3.1 megapixel technological marvel to work.

Welcome to my new life.



Written by barrentine

June 19, 2009 at 6:16 am

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