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Ingrid and I have been busy since we got back from Mexico and haven’t taken the time to update here much. The things that have been keeping us busy are the usual mix of work/school/play with a new twist or two. The work and school are about the same, but Ingrid will be finished with the quarter next week and then start a fellowship at the EPA. There has been much play including golf and getting some use out of my new bicycle. The other thing that has been eating up time and energy is looking for a house. Not sure exactly what the future holds, but hopefully this house is a part of it…more on that later.
Picture 2

Ingrid’s brother Kurt is playing n the High State Baseball tournament this weekend. His team played in the first round in Yelm last week so we went and Ingrid made some photos which you can see and download here if you are interested.

We are both shooting some Prep sports this weekend and Ingrid is working on a paper, so not much fun there.
I’ll post some random photos here later and we’ll try not to be away for long this time. Until then. Bye bye!


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May 29, 2009 at 1:30 pm

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