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Rain and floods

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Ingrid and I hit the streets today at a little past 7 a.m. in search of large amounts of water. It didn’t take long. It’s been raining here for a few days and the ground is pretty saturated. In the mountains, however, it has been snowing…lots. Today the rains continued and the freezing level went up to about 9,000 feet instead of the 5,000 feet it has been at the last few weeks. The combination means flooding in a big way. Western Washington is in the news today and Eastern Washington can’t be far behind since they had more snow than we did.

We found the flood.

Thanks King 5. I’m the guy in the white hat at the top of the video.

So we made some pics and met some people. Ingrid ended up selling some of her take to the AP. (More to come on that later.)

I was shooting video and some stills for the paper.
The elephant was the second pic of the day for me. Ingrid stopped for gas and saw the pic…so I did what every good photojournalist does and copied her then sent it to the paper while she was driving. 🙂

City of Sumner employees Lester Reedy, left, and Scott Pries, second from left help residents of the Rainier Manor mobile home park in Sumner sand bag the Puyallup river Wednesday afternoon.

Traffic crosses the Puyallup River Bridge as debris flows only feet below it on a swollen Puyallup River outside Orting this morning.

Wayne Ferguson, a resident of the Rainier Manor mobile home park in Sumner, rushes to load his belongings into a truck as the river behind him nears rises Wednesday afternoon.

Richard Skuza, left and his son Chase, 10, watch debris float down the Puyallup River outside of Orting, Wednesday, Jan. 7, 2009.

A soggy Ingrid climbs out of the back of a truck after a long day of making images in the rain.

Joe, also soggy, heads for the car after shooting all day in the rain. The flood waters were near the top of the berm as we pulled away.

Good luck everyone!


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January 8, 2009 at 4:16 am

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