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A few days in June

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A scheduling fluke gave me a few days of this week, so Ingrid and I went to Yakima and Spokane to visit some friends and play some golf. It was great to see everyone again. Can’t believe it has been almost six months since my last trip over. Thanks to everyone who made time to visit, drink and golf with us. Thanks especially to CA for the golf lessons!
Here are a few pics from our trip. Ingrid shot most of these with her Nikon D-300 and a 14m. Good times!
Ingrid has a final today and I’m back to work in the morning, so enjoy…
Oh, I almost forgot: We played at Apple Tree on Thursday, Indian Canyon Saturday, and Downriver on Sunday. Three great courses!

Apple tree as the sun goes down

One last try

I love this game...

Hans had fun, too

Spokane Falls

Don\'t ask!

Far West

Good light


Rajah Bose

More Falls

I see you!

Still more Falls

Rajah and Kim

Last one from the Spokane Falls


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June 9, 2008 at 6:41 pm

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