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More from the first day at the TNT

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The first day is a bit of a blur now. I met a ton of people (with the help of a platter of cookies that was delivered to my desk) and I started learning some of the TNT’s systems. I even got my hands on a project that was published last night on the website. The entire day felt a bit odd. A little bit deja vu and a little bit of comfy-old-shoe. I’m not much for words, so that’s about as good as it will get.
The first pic on this post is from a model of the building that is in a case in the lobby…yes it is to scale and if you look real close you can see me showing up to work and walking in the front door.

A model of teh building…looks good, huh?

This is not just paperwork…it is employee paperwork.


Much of my first day was spent just checking things out and trying to get a handle on work flow, gear, people and so on.
Dean Koepfler and Jeremy Harrison talk about assignments in the next pic. The photo makes them look very serious…that was the sharp photo. The rest of the frames they laughing at me, but I couldn’t freeze the motion. I’ll check in later with some more stuff about the first day, but now I need to drink coffee and think about playing a very cold round of golf.

Dean Koepfler and Jeremy Harrison commit journalism.


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December 1, 2007 at 5:27 pm

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