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Another long weekend!

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This weekend was only about 650 miles in the car as we headed to Tacoma for a birthday thing. My nephews — Nick and Nate — turn 8 on the ninth, so we ate cake and sang.

As usual we tried to see many people while we were home. This trip was a bit busier than normal since we hadn’t been back for about two months and had some catching up to do.

We arrived at about 8 and were at the bar by 8:30 to meet with Tray, Cody, Fo, Jimmy and Laura. Happy to report that everyone seems to be doing well.

Fo finished his BA and has already started making moves in his company. Congrats!

Sunday started with coffee with Rose and Michael, then the birthday gathering at mom’s. We then stopped by and visited with Sam and Lori for a bit on our way up to check out Kate’s new apartment in the U-District. (Very nice place, about the size of my old apartment in Pullman!) Needless to say we slept well and then started Monday off with nine-holes of golf at Steilacoom before raiding the fridge at mom and Neils and heading to Jason and Dian’s to say hello to the newest Trimble.

Then we drove back to Spokane.

Good weather, great friends and a fantastic weekend. We’ll try and see the rest of you all on the next run through town.

Hope you are all well.


Happy Birthday

Mom and Nathan

Kate’s place

Madeline Trimble

Ingrid and Madeline with Dian


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October 9, 2007 at 6:25 am

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