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Cruise Info Part 2

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*NOTE* This is a re-post of an earlier post to update everyone on the cruise information. I have had a request that this information be posted at the top of the site so blog surfers don’t have to go back through the archives to find it!


First Cruise Post:

O.K., so we are the only ones here talking about a cruise to Mexico, but that should all change now. The trip that we are looking at is in mid-December (working around school schedules) and everyone is invited to join us. It will be a big party at sea as we work our way from L.A. to Mexico. Mom is working with her cruise guy to try and get the best deal we can, so send any questions to her — through us. (I’m not going to post her e-mail here…but odds are if you are looking at this page you have either Ingrid’s address or mine.) I found some links for everyone to check out. The cruise ship is called the Gold Princess. The cruise we are looking at can be found here. And, a bridge cam from the Gold Princess is here.



Second Cruise Post:

Mom and Neil have busy planning the ocean-bound leg of Wedding Tour 2007. Bellow are a few additions to the original cruise post. Mom suggests reaching out to her cruise guy (Mel) as soon as you can. The boat is getting full. If you have any questions e-mail Mel, or Ingrid and I and we’ll get you answers as soon as we can. Please CC me on all initial communications to Mel so that I can start putting together a master list of people in the group.
and take care.

I spoke with Mel (cruise adviser) and found this to be a very popular cruise. Cabins are already filling fast and he recommends getting a deposit down ASAP if there’s any chance you might be going. This deposit is totally refundable till 30 Sept. if things don’t work out. Another plus to early booking is the possibility of more cabins close together allowing for easier “happy hours” and other social gatherings! If you have any questions or want to book a cabin just let me know. The bigger the group the greater the fun! Looking forward to seeing you all in Dec!!To make inquiries easier here is Mel’s Email address: MelMendelsohn@aol.com. Reference “Joe’s cruise” on the message and give your name, phone number and best time to call so he can contact you with any follow up questions or specific info. He is in Florida so allow for the time difference. Looks like the deposit is about 25% of the base cabin price and is due within a couple of days of locking in a cabin. Info he will need to set up a reservation is legal name (as on passport), address, phone number and date of birth.

At this time we have Joe and Ingrid in D727, Neil and I in D708 (other side of the ship!) and Laura in C724. Would love to see this list grow very soon! If I can provide any other info just let me know.


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August 6, 2007 at 3:40 pm

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