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Who said getting married was easy…

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So we hit Tacoma last night about 11:30 ( after we both worked a long day and had dinner with Brian and Amanda) and chatted with Laura until too late. Morning came early and we started the day doing by hanging some things at Laura’s house before grabbing some doughnuts and heading to my folk’s house for some serious work. (The entire purpose for this trip was to help Mom, Neil and Laura get their homes and yards the way they want them before everyone shows up in Lakewood for the wedding.)
Ingrid got busy blowing off the roof and cleaning the windows and I went down to the basement and painted my sister’s old room and then hauled stones for the retaining wall. Byron and Laura worked on a new retaining wall.
I’ve attached a few photos from the day. Hope you all like them and make sure to tell Mom that the basement floor looks great.

I knew she was tall…

My Rambo look

Laura and Byron hard at work

Pasta is almost done!


Written by barrentine

June 11, 2007 at 2:11 am

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