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Another busy day

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We are having a few issues with images on the blog today, so we’ll get some rest and then try it again Tuesday. We had another busy day today on the wedding front. Ingrid nailed down the Leavenworth trip today, including getting some information on some outdoor music and theater going on in our mountain honeymoon spot the weekend we are there. It should be a ton of fun.

She told me tonight, however, that we will not be adding to this blog that weekend.

Ingrid is going to pick up our rings Tuesday and we’ll try and get some photos of them on the blog…we’ll see if the thing is working by then.

We went out and started the search for the perfect suit to compliment Ingrid’s fantastic dress. Jeff from the Men’s Warehouse is hot on the case. Ingrid is sitting on a photo she made — of me at the shop today — until we figure the blog issue. Good times!

My neighbor and co-worker reminded Ingrid and I how good Deviled eggs can be…so I bet you get to try some, too.

We talked to my friend Laurie Burke about the food tonight. Laurie has put together the best kitchen team in Tacoma for this wingding. She sounds excited about this and the last time I saw that I ate like a king. Good Times!!!



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April 10, 2007 at 6:55 am

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